EDI works with a variety of companies needing customized piping solutions. From design, fabrication, and installation, we provide effective solutions for piping networks and systems.

What we do for the Process Piping industry:

  • design equipment support solutions
  • fabricate and install sanitary control and piping networks
  • fabricate and install jacketed piping systems
  • design and install low pressure and vacuum piping systems
  • design and install material handling system piping
  • develop maintenance programs

Stainless Sanitary Tubing

EDI provides design, supply and installation of sanitary control and piping networks. Systems are designed to throttle-adjust-calibrate/shut off-turn on and provide emergency water quenching for roasting and cooling systems.

GTAW or TIG Purge Welded Sanitary Water Train

Hot Oil/Steam Jacketed Piping

EDI provides service to design, fabricate and install jacketed piping systems both in carbon or stainless steel to allow high viscosity slurries and fluids such as food oil and petroleum products to be transported. The jackets are designed for hot water, steam, glycol or oil and energized by boiler systems.  Heat systems are protected by insulation and jacketing on ridged insulation and cladding. Valves, devices and expansion joints are covered with flexible/removable blankets.

SMAW/GMAW/GTAW Carbon Steel Welded

Compressed Air and Water

Threaded Carbon Steel and Brazed Copper

Bulk Material Handling Piping

Jacobs Quick Clamp Connections
EDI provides and installs material handling system piping in carbon and stainless steel that utilizes Jacobs light weight tube and quick connect clamping systems. These systems are used where maintaining and occasional disassembly is required.

Compression Connections
EDI provides design and installation services of low pressure and vacuum systems in carbon or stainless steel where sensitive products need transporting or need to be controlled. This type of system is also used where devices are utilized for safety systems such as ignition detection and dangerous gases.

Jacobs Clamp

Compression Coupling

Chemical Piping

PVC or CPVC Welded and SMAW or GTAW welded