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Steel Fabrication/Pipe Fitting

pressure piping steel jacketed

Our 12,000 sq foot facility near Rockwood, Ontario is designed to accommodate fabrication projects of almost any size. Our shop houses two overhead cranes and all equipment necessary to move, cut, weld or drill standard structural steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Our skilled welders, engineers and fabricators bring several years of diverse experience to each project.

At EDI, we fabricate miscellaneous structural steel for:

  • industrial buildings/process structural for equipment support & associated access stairs, platforms and walkways
  • recycling plants
  • metal refineries
  • equipment supports
  • interior structural reinforcement
  • chemical plants

Capabilities Include:

  • fabrication for carbon & stainless steel and aluminum,
  • structural supports for mechanical process,
  • hoppers,
  • chutes,
  • material handling components, conveyors & all rolling equipment,
  • pipe spools, gas trains, process piping,
  • ducting, fittings, stacks, vessels.

Our highly experienced pipe welders and fitters are TSSA-certified with professional skills developed over years working with industrial and commercial projects. Piping services offered include:

  • installation of compressed air lines,
  • relocation of high pressure piping systems,
  • industrial process piping,
  • prefabricated piping assemblies,
  • carbon and stainless steel piping,
  • jacketed piping.